No Bake Cheesecakes/Fruit Dips

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No Bake Cheesecakes/Fruit Dips

As the manufacturer we assure that our No Bake Desserts/Fruit Dips are quick, easy, delicious and everyone’s Favorite!
Your busy schedule is no problem for these light and airy desserts. Our no bake cheesecakes are quick, easy and delicious. With a preparation time of only 10 minutes, you will never have to start your oven, leaving your kitchen spotless. Whether as a pie, a fruit dip or as an after school dipping snack for the kids, you’re sure to please them all!!! With over 75 no bake cheesecake flavor combinations, you are sure to find your favorite no bake dessert flavor.  Sugar free desserts available.

Main Line:                                                         Chocolate Lovers:
Original New York Cheesecake                       Chocolate Mousse
Key West Key Lime                                            Caramel Mudslide
Sea Salt Carmel                                                  Mudslide          
White Chocolate Raspberry                             Chocolate Covered Cherry
Strawberry Shortcake                                      Tiramisu
Cinn-a-Bun                                                          Chocolate Covered Banana
Dreamsicle                                                          Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Orange Whip                                                      Chocolate Birthday Cake
Creme Brulee                                                     Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Blueberry                                                            Chocolate Mint
Blueberry Cobbler
Tropical Coconut                                                   Cocktail Flavors:
Mango                                                                     Key Lime Margarita
Pineapple                                                                Margarita
Birthday Cake                                                       Peach Bellini
Cranberry Pomegranate                                    Cosmo-Rita
Banana                                                                   Pink Lemonade
Bananas Fosters                                                   Lemonade
Cherry                                                                    Mai-Tai 
Black Cherry                                                         Hurricane
Cherry Cobbler
Raspberry                                                              Festive Holiday Flavors:Available Year Round:
Vanilla Bean                                                        Pumpkin Spice                                             
Butterscotch                                                         Eggnog
English Toffee                                                     Candy Cane
Carrot Cake                                                        Gingerbread
Apple Strudel 
Apple Pie
Cinnibun Apple
Maple Praline 
Caramel Maple  Praline
Tropical Colada
Pina Colada
Coconut Cream
Strawberry Mango
Strawberry Banana
Pink Lemonade
Cherry Vanilla
Acai Berry
Melon Ball
Blueberry Lemon
Peach Cobbler
Peach Apricot
Toasted Almond Amaretto
Banana Split
Red Velvet
Orange Coconut
Strawberry New York
Hawaiian Delight
Mango Banana
Very Berry
Cotton Candy
 Top Sugar Free “Stevia”  Flavors:
Original New York Cheesecake
White Chocolate Raspberry
Key West Key Lime
Sea Salt Carmel
Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Mousse
Pumpkin Spice
Vanilla Bean
*All flavors available in Sugar Free Stevia based 
with minimum requirements


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Party Dip Mixes/ Spice Blends

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Party Dip Mixes/ Spice Blends

As the manufacturer we assure you that our gourmet dip mixes and spice blends are sure to be a hit at your next party.

Don’t be fooled by all the others “claiming” to be manufacture’s when all they do is distribute other companies creations.

Every one loves them! They are a quick and easy appetizer for a crowd. With the extensive variety of dip mixes we produce, you can use our products to create cold appetizers like our award winning crab dip or hot appetizers like our delicious hot spinach artichoke dip.  Our extensive flavor varieties of gourmet dip mixes available create endless opportunities.  Just pick your favorite flavors and you’re ready to go, it’s that easy.

We use the highest quality herbs and spices to create the finest and most flavorful blends. We also believe in an “All Natural” approach in our blending and use no m.s.g, no preservatives or additives in our dip mixes.  Whether as a dip, a sandwich spread or sprinkled over your favorite meal, our products are a sure way to liven up any celebration. With over 250 wholesale dip mixes to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorite dip mix.


Party Dip Mix Flavors:

Our newest line of dip flavors have arrived and are available—

Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger, Asiago Grilled Prime Rib, Grilled Bourbon Chicken, Bourbon Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Tomato Blue Cheese and Smokey Grilled Veggie!

Sassy Spinach
Spinach Artichoke                                         
Delicious Dill
Portabella Artichoke                                    
Portabella Pesto                                          
Portabella Spinach                                     
Shitaki Herb      
Porcini Mushroom Italiano                                          
Sweet Maui Onion                                                           
Onion Chive
Garlic Bacon Ranch
Cracked Peppercorn Ranch
Anchovy Black Olive
Thai Curry
Curry Dill
Coconut Shrimp Curry
Sweet Pepper Tomato
Mesquite Peppercorn
Thai Ginger
Cucumber Dill
Lemon Dill
Sun Dried Tomato
BLT~Bacon Tomato
Loaded Potato
Tomato Basil
Tomato Horseradish
Bacon Horseradish
Greek Isles
Roasted Garlic Butter
Spicy Garlic
Garlic Jalapeno
Garlic Onion
Tropical Garlic
Key Lime Hawaiian
Key Lime Cilantro
Cheddar Bacon
White Cheddar Bacon
Hickory Bacon
Bacon Ranch
New England Lobster
Lobster Mac N Cheese
Spicy Crab
Shrimp Scampi
Coconut Shrimp
Spicy Coconut Shrimp
Spinach Parmesan
Parmesan Ranch
Roasted Garlic Parmesan
Sweet Basil Parmesan
Zesty Parmesan
Garlic Pepper Parmesan
Parmesan Red Bell Pepper
Asiago Roasted Garlic
Asiago Red Bell Pepper
Sweet Italiano Asiago
Asiago Ranch
Cracked Pepper Asiago
Asiago Seafood
Cheddar Ale
White Cheddar Broccoli
Smokey Hickory Cheddar
Roasted Garlic Romano
Sweet Basil n Garlic Romano
Tomato Romano
Monterrey Jack
Monterrey Jack Pepperjack
Monterrey Jack Roasted Garlic
Monterrey Jack Spicy Garlic
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Hot Wing
Blue Cheese Chive
Habanero Green Chili
Roasted Garlic Habanero
Thai Sriracha
Sweet N Spicy Sriracha
Southwest Jalapeno
Jalapeno Popper
Smokey Cheddar Jalapeno
Smokey Chipotle
Raspberry Chipotle
Orange Chipotle
Key Lime Chipotle
Black Bean Chipotle
Green Chili Chipotle
Green Chili Con Queso
Ghost Pepper
Devils Dip
Cajun Ranch
Texas Ranch
Six Pepper Ranch
Buffalo Blue
Wasabi Ginger
**These are just a few of our top selling Party Dip Mixes.


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No Bake Cookie Dessert Mixes

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No Bake Cookie Dessert Mixes

As the manufacturer we assure that our not only delicious but No Bake Cookie Desserts are so quick and easy!

Your busy schedule is no problem for these ready-in-minutes delectable favorites. You will never have to start your oven and clean up is a breeze. With our easy to use gourmet no bake cookie mixes,  you will have a delicious healthier dessert within 15 minutes that is sure to please them all.

*Most flavors available in regular and gluten free.



No Bake Cookies:

Chocolate Chip– The classic with a twist when mixed with peanut butter, just like your eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Oatmeal– Simply delicious and a much healthier alternative.

Oatmeal Raisin– A healthy choice with the sweetness of natural plump raisins.

Fruitopia– A mix of sweet blueberries and tangy cranberries set this cookie apart from the rest.

Maple Praline– This cookie has a unique taste that will have you hooked for life.

Fudgables– A chocolaty mix with oatmeal and raisins.

Holiday Surprise– This holiday cookie has a blend of  pumpkin spice that is perfect for your holiday party.

Cinni~Bun– Cinnamon galore.

Cinni~Bun Apple– A blend of a classic, sweet with apple pieces to top this delicious cookie off.

White Chocolate Raspberry– White Chocolate chips blanket this superb cookie with just a hint of Raspberry.

Toasted Coconut– A tropical macaroon style cookie filled with sweet toasted coconut.

Pumpkin– A real holiday favorite but great all year.




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Drink/Wine Slushie Mixes

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Drink/Wine Slushie Mixes

As the manufacturer we are continually adding to our product line. Our most recent addition to our gourmet line is our easy and versatile gourmet drink mixes.  Using only the highest quality flavors and natural fruit juice powders we have developed the most delicious and simple to create line of drink mixes that are ready in minutes. We offer a variety of drink mixes that will please any crowd. You can add alcohol, or use our non-alcohol drink mix recipe. We also have frozen cocktail drink mix recipes and our own frozen wine slushie drink mix recipe available for wholesale purchase. You are sure to be hooked after the first sip!




Cocktail Flavors:
Margarita– The tangy, salty, refreshing lime flavor of our classic Margarita will be beyond any of your expectations.
Strawberry Margarita– The refreshing lime flavor with the sweetness of the red ripe strawberry.
Key Lime Margarita–  Our classic Margarita with a Key West Key Lime twist will make you feel beach bound. 
Peach Bellini– The unique flavor of this cocktail mix when blended with Champagne is the perfect drink for all occasions,  from a backyard barbecue to a sophisticated dinner party.
Cosmo-Rita– The tangy blend of cranberry and lime that is sure to please them all.
Mai~Tai– This orange flavor based Polynesian delight has a slight twang of lime to finish.
Hurricane– This Pineapple Lime based sweet cocktail is a very refreshing change from the norm.
Sea Salt Caramel Martini-Everyone’s Favorite.
White Chocolate Raspberry Martini-Simply superb.
Pina Colada– Everyone loves this traditional coco-nutty drink mix.  With every sip you will be swept away to an island paradise.  
Banana Colada– A creamy ripe banana cocktail that is a smooth full flavored island classic. 
Strawberry Daiquiri-Our fresh tasting strawberry flavor brings this classic over the top.
Apple~Tini– Pucker up with this “Hot”  flavor, each sip will have you coming back for more.
Birthday Cake Martini– A change from the usual makes this  cocktail mix a hit with the ladies!
Mudslide–  Chocolate lovers get ready, this will be your favorite, after the first sip you will know why.  
Caramel Mudslide– Chocolate and Caramel blended for an over the top taste.
Melon Ball– A unique refreshing Honeydoo~Cantalope flavor that is perfect for your summer event.
Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea– With a hint of  Wild Raspberry this classic drink blend is over the top!
Hard Lemonade- An old favorite with the tangy twist of  fresh lemons to refresh any summer day.
Pink Lemonade– An old favorite with a sweeter tangy twist.flavor.
Chocolate Birthday Cake Martini-The same delicious Birthday Cake flavor with a dose of Chocolate for an over the top experience.
 Blueberry Lemon-Enjoy this summer time refreshing change from the normal drink withe sweet start and tangy lemon finish.
Caramel Vanilla-Smooth and delicious.
Cinnibun Dolce Martini-Simply excellent.
Cotton Candy Martini-An adult version of our childhood favorite.
Dreamsicle-Our robust orange flavor with a smooth vanilla finish.
Maple Praline-You will feel like your vacationing in Vermont.
Mojito-You will just love this classics minty finish.
Pumpkin-We use our top selling pumpkin spice blend to create this fantastic drink which is a great new twist around the Holidays.
Peach Mango-Combining these two classic flavors make a tropical refreshing drink experience.
Wine Slushie Flavors:
Sangria– The deep fruity blend of fruity flavors burst  in your mouth when mixed with your favorite red wine.  Whether you choose over ice or as a slushie this summertime refresher is sure to please. 
Peach Bellini– You will find that the light flavors of this mix when blended with a white or blush wine is a great change from the ordinary. 
Margarita–  The tangy, salty, refreshing lime flavor of our classic Margarita when mixed with your favorite wine will add a twist of excitement to your next celebration.
Mudslide– Get double the pleasure when you add our deep chocolaty mudslide mix to a chocolate or strawberry dessert wine.  Chocolate lovers this over the top.   
Mango-Be swept away to a tropical paradise as you enjoy this sweet and fruity delight.
Blueberry Lemon-A refreshing taste of an old favorite with a tangy finish.
Acai Berry-A sweet fruity taste with a mild tangy finish.
Raspberry– The freshness of just picked Ripe Raspberries.
Strawberry Kiwi– A sweet blend of an old favorite.
Apple-Tini-Tangy and refreshing green apple flavor.
Peach Apricot-A smooth and delicious uniquely different blend. 
Hard Lemonade-The sweetness of the wine and tangy bite of the lemon is a great combination.


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Soup Mixes

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Soup Mixes

As the manufacturer we assure you that our gourmet soup mixes are delicious and not just a winter time favorite, they’re a year round favorite!  Our hearty and delicious creamy gourmet soup mixes are great for lunch or dinner.  Made with only the finest ingredients.  No preservatives!!! We use high quality chicken broth powder which separates us from the rest. All you need to do is add milk, stir and cook for 15 minutes, It’s that easy! Then your ready for a quick and hearty meal. Just grab the crackers and enjoy.




Soup Mixes:

Chowder An old time original.  This New England style creamy chowder is sure to please.  Add your favorite from clams to vegetables to make this delicious soup base your favorite.

Potato Simply delicious hearty potato soup is more than a meal.  Just grab the crackers and you will be enjoying this soup.

Potato Diablo-Our hearty and delicious potato soup with a spicy kick.

Cheesy Enchilada – A lite cheese based with a kick, a real taste of  the southwest. The black beans put it over the top.

Broccoli Cheese – Our number one seller!  Not your usual soup, creamy cheddar cheese with chunks of broccoli streamed throughout this delicious soup.

Chicken Pot Pie– We blend our freeze dried vegetables into this mix to take the flavor of “MOMS” home cooking into your kitchen without the hassle.

Sun Dried Tomato Bisque – Not your typical tomato soup.  This gourmet rich and creamy Sun Dried Tomato soup is a sweet base filled with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Basil to give it a unique and gourmet flavor.

Chicken Noodle – This old time classic is a creamy style noodle filled soup that is sure to please them all.

Cheesy Lime Cilantro– A taste of old Mexico, refreshingly tangy.

Tortilla– A Mexican classic, just add some tortilla chips and you will feel swept away to the charm of Mexico.

White Cheddar and Apple wood Bacon– Our smooth White Cheddar cheese base with our smokey Applewood Bacon.

Vegetable– A tomato and beef based soup and loaded with veggies.

Lobster-We blend our high quality base and our #1 selling dip mix to create this  delicious Lobster soup.

CrabWe blend our high quality base and our top selling crab dip mix to create this delicious crab soup.

CrawfishOur delicious crab style dip with a “creole” flare.

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Smoothie Mixes

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Smoothie Mixes

As the manufacturer we assure you that our gourmet smoothie mixes and spice blends are sure to be a hit at your next party. Our smoothie mixes are a healthy hit!  With so many flavors to choose from,  including our famous  tropical mango smoothie  and strawberry banana smoothie mix.  Our gourmet smoothie mixes include the highest quality naturally dehydrated yogurt and flavors, so all you have to do is add milk , ice, blend and enjoy. With our smoothies you will always have a healthy snack on the go.




Assortment of Flavors:

Strawberry Banana-Fresh strawberry flavor with a hint of banana.

Strawberry-The fresheness of red ripe strawberries.

Mango-Everyone’s favorite with a sweet and subtle mango flavor.

Peach Bellini-Unusually different sweet peach flavor.

Key Lime Margarita-The classic margarita flavor with a key lime twist.

Blueberry-Bursting with a classic blend of bountiful blueberry flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

Blueberry Lemon-The great taste of our Blueberry with a twang for a finish.

Raspberry-A rush of fresh raspberry flavor that everyone loves.

Tropical Colada-A tropical coconut flavor with a hint of pineapple you will feel like you are on a tropical island.

Aqai BerryA sweet and fruity taste with a twang at the end.

Pineapple-A sweet taste of the tropics.

Lemon Lime-A tangy refreshing taste to quench your thirst.

WatermelonA sweet refreshing summertime favorite.


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Dipping Oil Blends

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Dipping Oil Blends

As the manufacturer we produce the highest quality quick and easy mixes. Why spend time fussing over your next appetizer?  Our easy quick olive oil dipping mixes are great for any occasion.  Simply hydrate for 5 minutes and add to your oil.  It’s that easy! Paired with one of our classic Beer breads and you will be the hit of the party with our gourmet oil dipping blends.





Dipping Oil Flavors:

Roasted Garlic – Our  number one seller!  Our roasted garlic blend has a burst of flavor with buttery hints that is sure to be a hit.

Tuscan – A touch of Italy with a Basil and Oregano based blend.

Sweet Basil Asiago– A touch of Italy with a cheesy base.

Roasted Garlic Asiago– Our number one seller blended with our finest Asiago cheese.

Roasted Red Bell Asiago– A base of Asiago cheese complimented with our sweet red bell peppers.

Mediterranean – Rosemary and Thyme are featured in this Greek style blend.

Sweet Pepper Medley – The mild flavor of the red bell pepper will keep you coming back for more.

Delicious Dill – Using freshly grown California dill is the reason this blend is a top seller.

Bruschetta – This Sun Dried Tomato based blend has a hint of Romano cheese that sets it apart from the rest.

Pesto – The Basil and Sun Dried Tomatoes makes this blend a winner.

Balsamic Herb-A tangy balsamic and fresh herb blend that is filled with freshness.

Balsamic Dill- Fresh dill flavor is abondant throught this special blend.

Balsamic Spinach and Parmesan-A fresh spinach base with a suttle hint of parmesan cheese and tangy balsamic.

Balsamic Honey Dijon– Sweet but spicy Honey Mustard with that rich Balsamic twang.

Fire Roasted Red Pepper– A sweet just off the grill flavor.

Fire Roasted Garlic– The great roasted garlic flavor with a buttery just off the grill flavor.

Tomato Black Olive (Puttanesca)– A smooth blend of tomato, anchovy, garlic and black olives that says “Italiano”.

Kalamata-Our Puttanesca blend with a punch of Balsamic Vinegar.




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Bagel/ Cream Cheese Spreads

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Bagel/ Cream Cheese Spreads

As the manufacturer we produce the finest quick and easy cream cheese mixes which are a unique way of livening up your snack or meal.  Whether you choose a sweet mix or a savory mix you are sure to bring a zing to your ordinary cream cheese.  With so many creamy spread options to choose from we are sure you will find the right flavor.  Great as a bagel spread, a fruit dipping snack mix or added to your meal to create a unique taste.




Sweet Cream Cheese Mixes:.

Strawberry – Everyone loves the fresh strawberry taste

Cinn-a-bun –  Taste just like a Cinnamon Roll.

Pumpkin – It doesn’t have to be around the holidays to enjoy this year round favorite.

Peach Bellini – A unique peach flavor that is anything but ordinary.

Mudslide – For all you chocolate lovers.

White Chocolate Raspberry –  A unique light white chocolate flavor with a hint of raspberry.

Maple Pecan Praline – Our top seller and you will know why after the first bite.

New York “Original” – The original classic New York cheesecake flavor.

Raspberry – An explosion of fresh raspberry that is everyone’s favorite.

Blueberry – A classic blend bursting with blueberry flavor.

Blueberry Lemon– A classic blend bursting with blueberry flavor with a tangy burst of lemon.

Gingerbread– A holiday favorite.


Savory Cream Cheese Mixes:

Dill – A classic using only the highest quality baby dill grown in California.

Maui Onion – Nothing ordinary about this savory blend.  With a sweet accent to this flavor.

Sweet Pepper Tomato – A unique blend of red peppers and tomatoes.

Tuscan – A blend of Italian herbs and spices with a Sweet Basil taste.

Roasted Garlic – Not your typical garlic blend with a deep roasted garlic flavor.

Mediterranean – A Rosemary and Thyme blend sets the stage for this Greek Isles classic.

Roasted Garlic-Best seller as an Oil Dipper and a great taste as a spread.

Spicy Garlic – Garlic galore with a hint of heat to liven it up.

Spinach Parmesan– Fresh Spinanch with a Parmesan kick.



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Bread/ Muffin Mixes

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Bread/ Muffin Mixes

As the manufacturer we produce only the finest bread and muffin mixes which are hearty and delicious! With so many to choose from you will be sure to find your favorite. Whether you prefer a classic beer bread mix or a sweet and exquisite gourmet bread or muffin mix, we are sure you will be satisfied. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients to make sure that our hearty gourmet blends are a step above the rest.




Beer Breads:
The Original
Parmesan Herb
Tuscan Italiano
Greek Isles
Roasted Garlic ~n~Herb
Tomato Basil
Spicy Jalapeno
Hickory Maple Bacon
Peppercorn Ranch
Sweet Breads:
Cranberry Orange
Maple Pecan
Banana Nut
Blueberry Lemon
Apple Cranberry
Lemon Poppyseed
Toasted Almond Amaretto
Peach Apricot
 Gourmet Muffins:
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Cherry
Banana Nut
Carmel Maple Praline
Key Lime
Cranberry Orange
Apple Cranberry
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Cracker Seasoning Mixes

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As the manufacturer we can produce a line of cracker seasonings that will turn your ordinary crackers into something special. We offer both savory and sweet to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Just add the following ingredients into a zip lock bag. Our mix, 2/3 cups of oil and 2 sleeves of crackers shake and leave let rest for at least 4 hours to ensure the highest quality finished product.  You will find that our mixes coat the crackers and you have a delicious treat.





Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic Habenero

Hickory Bacon

Sweet~N~Spicy Sriracha

Southwest Jalapeno

Habenero Green Chili Pepper

Tomato Basil



Spinach Parmesan

Asiago Roasted Garlic

Asiago Sweet Basil


Maui Onion

Cheddar Bacon

Garlic Bacon Ranch

Texas Ranch





Apple Pie

Sea Salt Carmel

White Chocolate Raspberry

Creme Brulee

New York Cheesecake

Maple Praline

Pina Colada

Orange Hawaiian

Key Lime

Strawberry Shortcake





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Flavored Iced Tea Mixes

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Flavored Iced Tea Mixes

As the manufacturer we produce the highest quality cool, refreshing and simply delicious gourmet flavored ice tea mixes. Just add water and stir, it’s that easy. Using only highest quality tea, juices and flavors we have developed the most unique line of tea flavor mixes that are sure to quench your thirst.  With so many flavors to choose from you are sure to find your favorite.





Assortment of Flavors:

Strawberry Banana – A refreshing strawberry flavor with a hint of banana.

Raspberry – A taste bud explosion of fresh raspberry flavor is anything but ordinary.

Mango – This unique tropical flavor is a delightful change.

Cosmo-Rita – Everyone loves it’s mouth watering flavor explosion.

Key Lime Margarita – A taste of old Key West.

Peach Bellini – One of the best!  A sweet unique peach flavor that is so different from the rest.

Melon Ball – The unique honeydew cantaloupe flavor is a refreshing change from the ordinary.

Aqai Berry – A fresh and fruity blend with a tangy finish.

Sangria– A blend of fruits set this favorite above the rest.

Pink Lemonade– A sweet and tangy classic.

Blueberry Lemon-Berry filled flavor with a tang.

Peach Apricot– A sweet and mild out of the ordinary flavor.



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Gift Baskets

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We at Gourmet Blending can work closely with your organization to develope the most elegant style in gift baskets. We can handle any and all areas in the organization of your basket.

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