Bagel/ Cream Cheese Spreads

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Bagel/ Cream Cheese Spreads

As the manufacturer we produce the finest quick and easy cream cheese mixes which are a unique way of livening up your snack or meal.  Whether you choose a sweet mix or a savory mix you are sure to bring a zing to your ordinary cream cheese.  With so many creamy spread options to choose from we are sure you will find the right flavor.  Great as a bagel spread, a fruit dipping snack mix or added to your meal to create a unique taste.




Sweet Cream Cheese Mixes:.

Strawberry – Everyone loves the fresh strawberry taste

Cinn-a-bun –  Taste just like a Cinnamon Roll.

Pumpkin – It doesn’t have to be around the holidays to enjoy this year round favorite.

Peach Bellini – A unique peach flavor that is anything but ordinary.

Mudslide – For all you chocolate lovers.

White Chocolate Raspberry –  A unique light white chocolate flavor with a hint of raspberry.

Maple Pecan Praline – Our top seller and you will know why after the first bite.

New York “Original” – The original classic New York cheesecake flavor.

Raspberry – An explosion of fresh raspberry that is everyone’s favorite.

Blueberry – A classic blend bursting with blueberry flavor.

Blueberry Lemon– A classic blend bursting with blueberry flavor with a tangy burst of lemon.

Gingerbread– A holiday favorite.


Savory Cream Cheese Mixes:

Dill – A classic using only the highest quality baby dill grown in California.

Maui Onion – Nothing ordinary about this savory blend.  With a sweet accent to this flavor.

Sweet Pepper Tomato – A unique blend of red peppers and tomatoes.

Tuscan – A blend of Italian herbs and spices with a Sweet Basil taste.

Roasted Garlic – Not your typical garlic blend with a deep roasted garlic flavor.

Mediterranean – A Rosemary and Thyme blend sets the stage for this Greek Isles classic.

Roasted Garlic-Best seller as an Oil Dipper and a great taste as a spread.

Spicy Garlic – Garlic galore with a hint of heat to liven it up.

Spinach Parmesan– Fresh Spinanch with a Parmesan kick.



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