Our Gourmet mixes are the answer to your fund raising needs.  Easy to sell with a great profit margin for your organization,  our wholesale gourmet mixes are a quick and easy way to raise money for your cause.  Selling our items for your organization will not only be fun and easy, it will also earn you extra funds.  Our products are light weight and easy to distribute.  School, Churches, clubs and special causes… we do them all!Call us today for your free kit.



  • With our 50% split you will find your fundraiser earning more money much faster than other fundraisers available. Unique, delicious and competitively priced, this fundraiser will surely be successful. Contact us for your free fundraiser kit to get started.
  • You may also personalize your fundraiser with your private  label at no extra charge!!!
Here’s How it works!
  1. Choose the products you would like to sell.
  2. Promote your fund raiser within your organization and have your group sell the products for no more than 2 weeks
  3. Complete the order form for each customer and collect all payments
  4. Sellers turn in their complete order forms and payment to your organization
  5. Your organization keeps 50% of the total sales
  6. It is recommended that you set a minimum sale of 10 items per seller in your group
  7. Mail us all individual order forms along with a money order or check from your organization for the total order minus your 50% profit
  8. We pay all the shipping charges
  9. The entire process takes 4 weeks from start to finish


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