Our mission at Gourmet Blending is to produce the highest quality food blends and mixes at the most competitive pricing to ensure our customers the highest cost savings and the largest possible profit margins. This will allow our customers and distributors the confidence needed to properly represent our products to their customers and ensure them an increase in their profit margins while adding our wide range of gourmet products to their current retail line. End users may also work with confidence when using our quality gourmet mixes in their products understanding the steps we take during processing and manufacturing to guarantee the highest possible grade materials needed and expected by our customers.

We at Gourmet Blending have a wide range of customers which range from major retail chains to independent private businesses. We ensure that no matter the size of your business we take pride in creating the best available gourmet blends and mixes for all of your clientele. As a custom blender we have the ability to customize blends and mixes to your specific needs and requirements.

With over 27 years of experience we pride ourselves in assisting our customers in whatever project they bring to our company. We have the ability to package the finished product in a wide array of packaging sizes ranging from bulk to individual usage packages. We also offer many ways to represent your product by either using one of many private labels or we can label your product with your own private label. We can also manufacture your product and ship them unlabeled giving you the opportunity to create your own private label yourself. With low minimum requirements no project is too large or too small for our company to handle. All of our customers receive our hands on customer service.

At Gourmet Blending we have the ability and experience to handle anything from a small portion of your project to the entire project depending on your specific requirements.