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Drink/Wine Slushie Mixes

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Drink/Wine Slushie Mixes

As the manufacturer we are continually adding to our product line. Our most recent addition to our gourmet line is our easy and versatile gourmet drink mixes.  Using only the highest quality flavors and natural fruit juice powders we have developed the most delicious and simple line of drink mixes that are ready in minutes. We offer a variety of drink mixes that will please any crowd. You can add alcohol, or use our non-alcohol drink mix recipe. We also have frozen cocktail drink mix recipes and our own frozen wine slushie drink mix recipe available for wholesale purchase. You are sure to be hooked after the first sip!




Cocktail Flavors:
Margarita– The tangy, salty, refreshing lime flavor of our classic Margarita will be beyond any of your expectations.
Strawberry Margarita– The refreshing lime flavor with the sweetness of the red ripe strawberry.
Key Lime Margarita–  Our classic Margarita with a Key West Key Lime twist will make you feel beach bound. 
Peach Bellini– The unique flavor of this cocktail mix when blended with Champagne is the perfect drink for all occasions,  from a backyard barbecue to a sophisticated dinner party.
Cosmo-Rita– The tangy blend of cranberry and lime that is sure to please them all.
Mai~Tai– This orange flavor based Polynesian delight has a slight twang of lime to finish.
Hurricane– This Pineapple Lime based sweet cocktail is a very refreshing change from the norm.
Pina Colada– Everyone loves this traditional coco-nutty drink mix.  With every sip you will be swept away to an island paradise.  
Banana Colada– A creamy ripe banana cocktail that is a smooth full flavored island classic. 
Apple~Tini– Pucker up with this “Hot”  flavor, each sip will have you coming back for more.
Birthday Cake Martini– A change from the usual makes this  cocktail mix a hit with the ladies!
Mudslide–  Chocolate lovers get ready, this will be your favorite, after the first sip you will know why.  
Caramel Mudslide– Chocolate and Caramel blended for an over the top taste.
Melon Ball– A unique refreshing Honeydoo~Cantalope flavor that is perfect for your summer event.
Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea– With a hint of  Wild Raspberry this classic drink blend is over the top!
Hard Lemonade- An old favorite with the tangy twist of  fresh lemons to refresh any summer day.
Pink Lemonade– An old favorite with a sweeter tangy twist.
Wine Slushie Flavors:
Sangria– The deep fruity blend of fruity flavors burst  in your mouth when mixed with your favorite red wine.  Whether you choose over ice or as a slushie this summertime refresher is sure to please. 
Peach Bellini– You will find that the light flavors of this mix when blended with a white or blush wine is a great change from the ordinary. 
Margarita–  The tangy, salty, refreshing lime flavor of our classic Margarita when mixed with your favorite wine will add a twist of excitement to your next celebration.
Mudslide– Get double the pleasure when you add our deep chocolaty mudslide mix to a chocolate or strawberry dessert wine.  Chocolate lovers this over the top.   
Mango-Be swept away to a tropical paradise as you enjoy this sweet and fruity delight.
Blueberry Lemon-A refreshing taste of an old favorite with a tangy finish.
Acai Berry-A sweet fruity taste with a mild tangy finish.
Raspberry– The freshness of just picked Ripe Raspberries.
Strawberry Kiwi– A sweet blend of an old favorite.


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