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Soup Mixes

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Soup Mixes

As the manufacturer we assure you that our gourmet soup mixes are delicious and not just a winter time favorite, they’re a year round favorite!  Our hearty and delicious creamy gourmet soup mixes are great for lunch or dinner.  Made with only the finest ingredients.  No preservatives!!! We use high quality chicken broth powder which separates us from the rest. All you need to do is add milk, stir and cook for 15 minutes, It’s that easy! Then your ready for a quick and hearty meal. Just grab the crackers and enjoy.




Soup Mixes:

Chowder - An old time original.  This New England style creamy chowder is sure to please.  Add your favorite from clams to vegetables to make this delicious soup base your favorite.

Potato - Simply delicious hearty potato soup is more than a meal.  Just grab the crackers and you will be enjoying this soup.

Cheesy Enchilada – A lite cheese based with a kick, a real taste of  the southwest. The black beans put it over the top.

Broccoli Cheese - Our number one seller!  Not your usual soup, creamy cheddar cheese with chunks of broccoli streamed throughout this delicious soup.

Chicken Pot Pie- We blend our freeze dried vegetables into this mix to take the flavor of “MOMS” home cooking into your kitchen without the hassle.

Sun Dried Tomato Bisque – Not your typical tomato soup.  This gourmet rich and creamy Sun Dried Tomato soup is a sweet base filled with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Basil to give it a unique and gourmet flavor.

Pasta Fazool - We put a special swing on this Italian style favorite.  It’s a unique blend of Sun Dried Tomatoes filled with noodles, beans and Romano cheese.

Chicken Noodle - This old time classic is a creamy style noodle filled soup that is sure to please them all.

Cheesy Lime Cilantro- A taste of old Mexico, refreshingly tangy.

Tortilla- A Mexican classic, just add some tortilla chips and you will feel swept away to the charm of Mexico.

White Cheddar and Applewood Bacon- Our smooth White Cheddar cheese base with our smokey Applewood Bacon.

Vegetable- A tomato and beef based soup and loaded with vegies.

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